Singleplayer Installation

How to run Electric Blocks in Singleplayer mode.

So you want to use Electric Blocks, but you don’t have any IT admins running a server for you? Don’t worry, Electric Blocks works just fine in singleplayer.

Unfortunately, the setup is a little bit more complicated since the Electric Blocks mod isn’t packaged with a copy of EBPP. Fortunately, the installation process isn’t too difficult and you should be able to get up and running quickly.

1. Install Electric Blocks Mod

First you need to install the Electric Blocks mod onto your system. If you followed the Quick Start guide, then you’re already done! If you haven’t followed the Quick Start guide, go there and follow it. You can come back here once you’re done. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here.

2. Install EBPP

Alright, now you have the mod installed, but the mod is really just your user interface to the simulation server. Any in-game simulations are handled by a simulation server called EBPP. You will need to get that installed. Go to the EBPP Installation guide and follow the instructions. Unless you know what you’re doing, I would highly recommend that you go with the Docker Installation and install EBPP on the same computer that you plan to use the Electric Blocks mod on. Doing this will minimize the amount of extra configuration that you need to do.

3. Launch and Play

Now that you have the Electric Blocks mod and EBPP both properly installed on the same computer, you should be able launch them and start using our mod! You should start by launching EBPP first. How exactly you do this will depend on your operating system and installation method. More guidance on how to do this can be found in the EBPP documentation. If you took my advice and installed Electric Blocks and EBPP on the same computer, then you shouldn’t need to do any more configuration. If you didn’t follow that advice, then you might be able to find guidance on the Multiplayer Installation page. Just launch Minecraft and create or load a creative singleplayer session. Now you’re ready go to! Enjoy using Electric Blocks!